• Commercial Grade Castor Oil(Industrial Oil)

    Commercial Grade Castor Oil(Industrial)

    Commercial castor oil is obtained from a mixture of the first pressing and the second phase of production, solvent extraction. It is used for many industrial applications. It is also known as the industrial grade castor oil. It is the basic material for manufacturing various grades of castor oil and castor derivatives. Castor oil contains 85-90% Ricinoleic Acid. Commercial grade castor oil is one of the standard & most common grades of castor oil which is used in many industrial applications. End use application for castor Oil today is as a raw material for an enormous variety of sophisticate products, such as lubricants, plastics, artificial fibers, paints, varnishes and synthetic resins, plasticizers and surfactants, fungicides, cosmetics, printing inks, soaps, artificial leather, hydraulic fluids, dyeing aids and textile finishing materials.


    Description Specific Range
    Refractive Index at 20ºC 1.477 — 1.481
    Moisture & Volatile Matter 0.50 Percent Max
    Insoluble Impurities 0.02 percent Max
    Free Fatty Acid 2 Percent Max
    Acid Value 4.00 Max
    Iodine Value (By Wiss, gI 2 / 100g) 82-90 Percent
    Acetyl Value 140 Min
    Saponification Value (mgKoH/gm) 177 – 187
    Unsaponification Matter 1.00% Max
    Hydroxyl Value 160 - 168
    Relative Density 15/15.5 DC 0.958 – 0.969
    Viscosity Gardner- Holdt U-V
    Color on Lovibond 20 Yellow, 3.5 Red Max
    1” Cell (Y+5R)Acid Value 30.0 Units Mix
    Appearance Pale Dark Yellow, Clear Liquid.
    Odor Slight, Characteristic
    Ricinoleic Acid Content 85 Percent Min
    Density at 30ºC 0.959
    Stability Stable, Combustible. Incompatible with strong oxidizing agents. May be light sensitive.
    Solubility in Ethyl Alcohol Complete soluble without turbidity
    Specific Gravity at 30 deg C 0.954 – 0.960


  • Commercial grade castor oil is extensively used in the manufacture of textile chemicals.
  • It is used as a wetting agent for inks, coatings and adhesives.
  • It is used as an ingredient in pharmaceutical and cosmetic applications.
  • Commercial grade castor oil is used as a starting raw material for other grades of castor oil & it’s derivatives.
  • It is used in lubricants manufacturing.
  • It is used in Leather industry.
  • It is used in Illumination.
  • It is used in Disinfectants.
  • It is used in Pharmaceuticals.
  • It is used in Cosmetics.
  • It is used in Chemical Industry.


    Standard Packing : 1 Unit 20 FT Container

    Packing - Flexi Bag : 22MT per 20FT Full Container Load,

    Packing - ISO Tank : 22MT per 20FT ISO Full Container Load,

    Packing - Steel Drum : 16MT per 20FT FCL (200Kg Drum),

    Packing - HDPE Drum : 16MT per 20FT FCL (200Kg Drum),

    Packing - IBC Tank : 1000 Kgs.IBC X 20 = 20MT per 20FT FCL