• Cold Pressed Grade Castor Oil

    Cold Pressed Grade Castor Oil

    Cold Pressed castor oil is yellow viscous liquid free from suspended matter and is insoluble in water.The oil obtained from the seeds of this plant is a very useful raw material in many industries like soap, surface coatings, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, perfumes, greases and lubricants etc. FIRST SPECIAL GRADE CASTOR OIL is produced by refining Commercial Grade Castor Oil through bleaching and filtering process. Bleaching is done using Bleaching Earth and Activated Carbon, which helps in reducing coloring pigments or impurities and moisture content.


    Description Specific Range
    Refractive Index 1.477 — 1.481
    Moisture & Volatile Matter 0.25 Percent Max
    Insoluble Impurities 0.02 percent Max
    Free Fatty Acid 1 Percent Max
    Acid Value 2.00 Max
    Iodine Value (By Wiss, gI 2 / 100g) 82-90 Percent
    Acetyl Value 140 Min
    Saponification Value (mgKoH/gm) 177 – 187
    Unsaponification Matter 1.00% Max
    Hydroxyl Value 160 - 168
    Relative Density 15/15.5 DC 0.958 – 0.969
    Viscosity Gardner- Holdt U-V
    Color on Lovibond 20 Yellow, 2.0 Red Max
    Appearance Pale Yellow,Viscous, Clear Liquid.
    Odor Slight, Characteristic
    Ricinoleic Acid Content 85 Percent Min


  • It is used for various industrial applications and generally in manufacturing of textile chemicals or as wetting agents for inks, coatings and adhesives.
  • It is used as an ingredient in pharmaceutical and cosmetic applications.
  • It is used as lubricant component of coatings for vitamin and mineral Tablets.
  • It is used as a dielectric material for electrical condensers.
  • It is used to manufacture polyurethane casting resins.
  • It is used in hydraulic fluids for automobiles, trucks and machinery.
  • It is used as an ingredient for petroleum oil-field de-emulsification.


    Standard Packing : 1 Unit 20 FT Container

    Packing - Flexi Bag : 22MT per 20FT Full Container Load,

    Packing - ISO Tank : 22MT per 20FT ISO Full Container Load,

    Packing - Steel Drum : 16MT per 20FT FCL (200Kg Drum),

    Packing - HDPE Drum : 16MT per 20FT FCL (200Kg Drum),

    Packing - IBC Tank : 1000 Kgs.IBC X 20 = 20MT per 20FT FCL